Pfizer vaccine trial bets on early win against coronavirus, documents show

By Marisa Taylor and Dan Levine

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Pfizer's vaccine would need to be at least 76.9% effective to show it works based on 32 infections, according to its protocol. That would mean that no more than six of those coronavirus cases would have occurred among people who received the vaccine, the documents showed.

Infections would indicate nothing, what is being evaluated is clinical disease. It would be meanigless if every single one of the infections results in asymptomatic patients.

Relying on the more limited interim analyses could overstate a vaccine's effectiveness simply because not enough trial participants fell ill, they have said. Moving more quickly through the trial process also means a drugmaker could miss potential side effects that could materialize if trials were given more time.

A company is obviously interested in making its products available for consumption as soon as possible, but it is obviously biassed to consider it safe and effective, internal analysis are very useful but not something to be believed as dogma. Because of this, regulators have a huge importance and responsibility. All requisites fixed from before the tests began have to be fulfilled, no matter how sure are the companies that everything goes well.

Trials paused after participants get sick is a very good sign, it means that at least for now things are being done as they should, as long as political pressure do not become more importance than scientific evidence we will be sure anything is put on the market is as effective and safe as it is supposed to be.

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It seems like in Japan the virus is almost non-existent why need a vaccine for? Whats inside that vaccine that they want everyone to have? Will this be forced inoculation?

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Safe to say that the whole world is hoping for a quick introduction of a safe and effective vaccine. That said, because of the recent track record in America of nonsensical interference with the scientists from the White House, I think there is already a lot of suspicion that a vaccine will be made available before it is proven safe and effective.

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It seems like in Japan the virus is almost non-existent why need a vaccine for? Whats inside that vaccine that they want everyone to have? Will this be forced inoculation?

Hundreds of infected people turn out every day, even with very limited testing, that is the opposite of "non-existent"

There are very costly social distancing measures in place, a terribly heavy burden to the population in order to keep it that way, and it is not a sure thing so everybody that have any preexisting condition know that getting the bug can mean a long stay in the hospital, long term disabilities or death, a safe and effective vaccine that can replace that is obviously something in high demand.

Any new vaccine has the same chance to be forced as any other vaccine already in Japan, which is none.

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