From 'problem child' to 'prodigy' -- LSD turns 75

By Eloi Rouyer with Ben Simon

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My father was given LSD experimentally in the 1950s.

If acid could aid people today, then that would be uber kool. In fact I can think of a name for it...

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I wonder if Japanese people would benefit from this drug. It would probably have to be mixed in with some pleasant drink to make it palatable, fruit soda or something.

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Sid, a single tiny drop of it is probably tasteless, ie not actually unpalatable on its own. It could go with Ramen, natto, raw egg, or whatever floats your boat.

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It would probably have to be mixed in with some pleasant drink to make it palatable, fruit soda or something.

It's nearly tasteless, and the taste has a metallic tang, but is not particularly unpleasant.

LSD made me a better person. There's something about having all your flaws ripped open and exposed to you with no filter, to make you want to change them and improve yourself as a human.

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I saw what LSD did to a high school classmate. Turned him into a walking zombie. Would sit staring straight ahead without responding for long periods, then suddenly burst out laughing hysterically, then go back to zombie mode.

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Having lived through the 1960s, I remember a number of people who experimented with LSD. As for going into zombie mode, that did not happen to everyone who took the drug, and passed after anywhere from a few hours to a few days. I never met anyone for whom the experience lasted longer than that, and never met anyone who knew anyone who could be said to have had lasting effects. Of more concern would be what was called back then flashbacks; weeks or months after taking LSD, someone might re-experience the period of being under the drug's influence. There was a lot of talk about flashbacks in the 60s.

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Mushrooms; a type of Acid, was / were LEGAL in Japan until about 1996.

SURELY there's PLENTY of "Research" with all THAT time.

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Any introduction for medical therapies would have to be scrupulously monitored as it's "alternative" use has many inherent problems.

Being part of the heady university scene of the 70's, LSD ( Lucy as we called her or Acid), was sometimes on the menu. Many a night and day and night wracked with undescribable joviality, fear, power, senselessness, nirvana, crying and the hallucinations, the hallucinations - friends becoming snakes before your eyes, digging deep holes in the garden searching for gold, attempting to fly from rooftops - thank god for bushes - spaced out rock concerts (Lou Reed became God) etc etc.

We survived, but I guess a number didn't. I'd hate to see it unleashed on a far larger, more liberal young society. Enough stuff abounds with meth, ecstasy etc without the King returning for a second stab.

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Yep the 90s were really fun. At raves we would start off with some speed and E then drop tabs of acid on top once we were in full swing. Great times but those days are well behind me now as my weekends are taken up by my children, which is a whole different kind of madness but the acid certainly opened my mind and that helps heh.

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