Fungal infections worldwide becoming resistant to drugs and more deadly

By Rodney E Rohde

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There's a fun-gus among-gus.

I cringe every time my wife eats black fungus. Says it tastes good but can't get past the appearance and what it is.

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Q: Why did the fungi leave the party?

A: Cuz there wasn't mushroom.

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Not only India.

In Japan with its high summer humidity I was very prone to athletes foot but in the UK not at all.

Without air conditioning Japan might very well be in a position similar to what India is experiencing.

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Newly emerging diseases usually take a lot of the attention of the public, but old diseases becoming dangerous should also be something to take care of, TB is making a come back, some people are worried about Yellow Fever, fungal infections resisting treatment can also become a huge public health problem in the near future.

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Fungi are highly adaptable and can be "trained" to break down and consume pretty much anything - including antifungal agents. They've been used to break down cigarette butts, microplastics, oil spills etc. Pretty amazing organisms that we're just beginning to learn about.

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Fungal infections worldwide becoming resistant to drugs and more deadly

Great. That's all we need now. Not only viruses but also fungal infections becoming deadly. Brave new world.

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