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Giving birth better at home than at hospital


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Althiugh I agree that giving birth at home may be good for some, it's definately not good for all and there needs to be serious consideration taken when deciding. Hospitals will always have a higher rate of intervention but that is because they are often dealing with patients who are higher risk than midwives. Some midwives will refuse to assist in high risk births and recommend their client use a hospital. It is really hard to say who is the best candidate for home births because complications can arise at anytime and some midwives or home births may not be able to react in time for a positive outcome.

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Well my elder brother, I and my younger brother were all born at home... I very much regret going to the hospital in Japan for the birth of our first son - they almost killed us both. I was given an injection (that I was allergic to) to "speed up" the birth and after "cutting me" the baby still had to be extracted by suction leaving an enormous haematoma on his head. I don't know if this is what caused a possibly "related" problem but it took him two years before he could talk.

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Hospital birth verses homebirth is a very controversial issue, with many studies showing the benefits and harm of each. Pregnant women should discuss the issue thoroughly with their healthcare provider to make the decision that will fit them and their medical situation the best. The cost effectiveness of a homebirth is dependent upon the women and what she values the most. It is also dependent upon her comfort with taking risk. But homebirths are safe in general although there is some risk-taking. A birthing center seems to be a good compromise between the two ends of the spectrum. In the end the best way for a pregnant women to save money on medical expense is to live a healthy lifestyle and remember to take your vitamins and minerals.

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Same here Viking - they almost killed me and my first child here in Japan. Put the drip in to speed it up as I was taking too long, told me not to make so much noise, and then botched the birth. My child and I were very unwell after with medium to long term health problems.

If I had stayed at home and never gone near a hospital things would have gone much better for the both of us. A subsequent birth not in Japan went beautifully.

People have good birth experiences in Japan, but generally in those little clinics with midwives, not in the big hospitals.

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Some women may prefer to have their baby at home or in a midwife-led unit because they are generally safer

It is up to women. But there are many things can go wrong, and there is no life supporting equipment?

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This is just the British government doing more of their cost cutting on the NHS.

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