Global pollution kills 9 million people a year, study finds


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I decided where to live. Near a large forest.

Check for yourself and don't wait.

Silliness kills also a lot if yourself pollute way too much (India and China use coal, knowingly).

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A new study blames pollution of all types for 9 million deaths a year globally

I think the study uses the term "premature deaths".

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So why all the fuss over COVID when we should really have been focusing upon Global Warming ?

good question. I would argue that the 2 are tied together. Climate change means migration of species that may come into contact with each other which were never supposed to creating a zoonotic disease we have never seen before- and if that disease mutates into a strain that is harmful to humans- well there you go.

Also remember that during lockdowns the air improved considerably.

I'm not saying we constantly need to live in lockdowns, BUT if we implement more WFH and Online study, we would have a better world where there is less pollution, traffic congestion, and more rest and down time as commute time would be reduced or done away with altogether. This would also result in the improvement of both physical and mental health as well as less infection from air born pathogens such as the flu, Covid, and other diseases.

Personally, I think that ALOT of problems can be solved by a revolution in the way we work and study. Doing more online is the way to go, in my personal opinion.

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Pollution is the big neglected problem of the whole world, maybe because it is very expensive to do something about it, maybe because rich people can have the luxury of living in less polluted places, but 9 million lives every year is a steep price to pay to keep a lifestyle.

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