Green tea drinkers show lower cancer risks: study


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Canadian study that followed thousands of Chinese women over a decade. ... found that of the more than 69,000 women, those who drank green tea at least three times a week were 14% less likely to develop a cancer of the digestive system.

The result does not look that impressive. Could be just a general effect of this antioxidant. Can eat fruits and berries with a better effect, which is also mentioned in the article.

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Is it really matter? My mom was very fond of green tea. After each meal, she drank dark green tea. However, she suffered cancer and died 2 years ago. I can't understand why she suffer cancer because she was very health concious person and took a lot of vegetables with right life-stlye. She didn't drink and smoke at all. I am wondering even now why she took such this disease. One of the main reason I came up to mind is gene. Because my grandfather (mom's father) also suffered cancer. So, I am afraid to take me as a patient of cancer, someday. I would like to hope to have innovative measures in the near future.

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