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How C-sections change a baby's gut ecosystem


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It sounds like birth by C section at the hospital needs to include measures to transfer the mother's gut bacterium to the child.

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C section has become a lifestyle choice (too posh to push) instead of being a medical procedure where necessary for safety. The simple solution is to consider the child’s long term health first not the convenience and default to natural birth unless there is a compelling medical need for invasive intervention.

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Babies born in space will need C sections because natural birth won't be possible with zero gravity causing them to have bigger heads.

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our health for life, and new research shows it may be crucially shaped by the way we come into the world

From reading the article, we could also conclude it may not be crucially shaped in this way.

Differences in the gut bacteria of newborns evened out by the time they were weaned, and there is no definitive evidence yet that the altered microbiome is tied to the childhood conditions more often seen in babies delivered by caesarean.

That suggests it makes little difference. Don't panic!

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Babies won’t be formed nor born in zero gravity.

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