Hair loss in Japan: The causes—and solutions

By Rae Defrane

I was losing so much hair! Almost clumps were lost daily after I arrived in Japan. This would be hard to swallow for anyone, but as a 20-something female, it was beyond troubling. I researched my symptoms online (which is always problematic) but found very little information about what I was experiencing. I hadn’t had this issue in Canada… was it Japan, or was I going crazy?

After scouring the internet, desperate for advice, I finally found a private Facebook group for women living in Japan. There, I found a plethora of people who were suffering in the same way I was.

It turned out I wasn’t crazy and I wasn’t the only one.

All of us were in our 20s or 30s and it seemed impossible to me that our problems were completely independent of our new surroundings. How could each one of us have completely separate issues that sprung up as soon as we landed in Japan?

More importantly, how were other people with the same problem supposed to find this tiny little pocket of information without being a member of the Facebook group?

I want to shed light on this stressor and help anyone who might find themselves in the same situation during their time in Japan. This was something that almost cut my time here drastically short—and I don’t want others to feel alone.

Japanese people have such beautiful thick hair! Why is my hair falling out so much?

The answer to this could be equal parts simple and frustrating. Are you of European or Celtic descent? Unfortunately, this might put you at a predisposition to lose more hair in Japan. Westerners tend to have much softer, finer hair. There are many reasons why our hair can freak out as compared to when we’re in our home countries. Let’s run down the list of some of the things that can weigh heavily on our tresses.

The Causes

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Well now I know why I went bald.

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When I was a JET in Oita a long time ago, a very pretty redhead teacher said she started to lose a lot of hair after moving to Japan. She was very distressed and I think lasted 1 year. I suspect it was stress and related to the chlorinated water.

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Hair loss in Japan is caused by the same thing doctors blame every other disease on in Japan - STRESS.

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Hair loss is usually down to your genes and whether it runs in the family, isn't it?

You could say it's inHAIRent. Or, HAIReditary. Eh, eh?

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Three score and ten and still got it all. Everynight my wife massages my heads with about three different oils for about 30 minutes while I'm drinking a cold beer. Not sure what does it, but who am I to argue.

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I also work online writing about products and get sponsorship paid much the same as the writer of this article. A number of years ago I shaved my head as I was tired of the comb over and the back to front hairstyles and also being called はげの (bald) by the Japanese . I was always the butt end of their jokes .. It didn't mater if it was a first time meeting a person or the end of the month スナックバー (snack bar) session , i became known after a few drinks as MRハゲ and the little people would have a great evening but I would make sure that their great evening was not at my financial expense . Each time I heard someone mention the word "Bald" I would order a round of drinks. I have never bought or payed a taxi bill .

Ten years ago I discovered undetectable micro mesh wigs coming out of China, I bought one and had it glued on . I now have a very successful business, I sell tape , ghost bond and poly skin wigs and a fusion service to Japanese, both men & women.

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At least one jealous baldy!

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It seems capitalism causes hair loss as well. Or is that just a bald-faced lie?

At least one jealous baldy!

Yeah, I was wondering about that, too. Why would your comment garner such negativity? Good for you!

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Hair loss may be due to location.

Pollution and toxins build up in city environments.Living near a main road will stress your body.Chemicals in food and in that newly reformed apartment will also build up in ‘you’ so it is important to get fresh air into your living space daily.

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Hey i'm actually a guy and had a severe hairloss also, my hairline is receding and my room is full of hairs. After almost one year finally seems i found the problem, i used to drank tap water, and now since i changed into mineral water, my hair loss is reducing significantly! I suppose that the tap water is somewhat lack of mineral due to heavily processed.

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I travel to and from Japan frequently. Best thing I added to my routine is to start taking a postpartum hair vitamin, although I'm not technically postpartum. I take the baby blues one ( . I knew I wanted to add collagen into my diet which it contains and then also lots of hair vitamins like vitamin a, c, b12, folate, zinc and it has a mineral blend etc and its my secret hack or gamechanger whatever its made my hair so much better.

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