Healing tunes: What surgeons should and shouldn't play at work


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Actually, the best music to steady the brain waves is baroque music, particularly music by Italian baroque composers such as Corelli and Vivaldi. It is the best music to read to, to study to, to calm those waiting in doctors' and bank managers' offices, and to steady the minds and hands of surgeons in the operating theatre. It all has been beautifully recorded many times too, so it costs only modestly to equip a study room, waiting room, or operating theatre with an endless supply of ever changing music of this kind.

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Many operation room medical personnel listen to music on a regular basis in the operation room and classical music is probably the most requested. Music helps to relax and improves the cognitive function of the listeners. It creates a sense of well-being among the people elevating their mood in them. Music also helps in reducing the autonomic reactivity of the operation room staff in stressful surgeries. It allows them to approach their surgeries in a more thoughtful relaxed manner and all the operation room medical staff benefit from the music.

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"Don't fear the Reaper" would be a good choice I think.

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I think I'd request a different surgeon if I knew he or she was operating while listening to Wham.

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While undergoing a rather lengthy surgical procedure, which was performed under a local anathesia, I was surprised to hear music from my high school days being played in the background. I don't know how they did it in that operating room, but the familiar music/songs actually soothed me during the operation.

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My dentist in the UK offers a selection of music for you to choose from. It helps deaden the noise of the drill.

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