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Health experts back treatment for kids with peanut allergy


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I find it interesting that you almost never hear about peanut allergies here in Japan. It just isnt a thing here.

But in the US, and also Australia it seems to be a major problem? Surely they can look at environmental differences to see why that is the case?

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Interesting that about 4% had a severe allergic reaction to a placebo. Something strange going on there. A case of mind over matter?

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I find it interesting that you almost never hear about peanut allergies here in Japan. It just isnt a thing here.

Typically you need to be exposed to the thing you are allergic to in order to develop an allergy to it. Peanuts aren't nearly as popular in Japan as they are in America (peanut butter is everywhere in the US) so obviously peanut allergies aren't common in Japan.

As for this treatment, I'll stick with reading ingredients and my Epipen. The last reaction I had was in 1993. I'll pass on swallowing $400 peanut powder pills so I can eat a few peanuts.

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extanker, but from my (albeit limited) reading of allergens listed on foods here, Peanuts are in a lot of foods, and it is highly likely that kids here will have had exposure to it by the time they are 3-4. I believe its something else, another food or chemical which causes it (no, i am not a conspiracy theorist, but in my mind its feasible that one of the pesticides used there, or perhaps common kids medicine or vaccines which are prevalent there but not here).

I hear now that the advice is to expose kids to peanuts as early as possible. If thats the case, and peanuts are everywhere in the US, then they would have been exposed from conception (I know my wife ate peanuts/peanut foods while pregnant with my kids - and they have no issues).

Either way i really feel for those kids (and adults) who have allergies to common foods; and their parents who have to watch out for whatever they eat. Hoping that they find a definite cause, or cure during our lifetimes.

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afanofjapan, yeah, the recommendations for allergies are constantly changing and honestly I think they don't really have a clue. It used to be don't expose them until after around 3 years of age and now it's expose them to it at 6 months. I'm beginning to think they are making things up as they go.

Either way, I was exposed to peanuts very young (maybe 2 years old?) and now they'll kill me, so who really knows.

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