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Heart attacks rise after clocks go forward: study


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What may have made some sense in 1907, in a theoretical analysis, isn't necessarily an essential improvement.

Health impacts have often been cited in the sixty odd years of more strict practice. Few would miss or lament this idealized presumption and fewer still have practical evidence of real benefit.

Like a black cat crossing one's path or the broken mirror lasting effects from wariness are largely a waste of time, ho ho.

Simply, there is no proof of benefit and no demand for this quaint residue from the era gas light.

Enough then. Five years of absence from this convention should prove its necessity moot. If at 2020 DST has benefit then it will be clearly known in evidence that justifies the record of the ER.

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I must say that one of many things I liked about my long stay in Japan was the lack of time changes. Great! Good on you Japan!

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A good reason to abolish Daylight Savings, a silly idea to begin with. Messing around with time can have dire consequences, just ask Doc Brown and Marty McFly.

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