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Heart disease: Long-term study proves benefit of statins


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Sorry but I never really trust any of this information, now one thing is good, 10 years later they say it kills you??

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20,536 patient sampling size. Approximately 3,500 cancer patients. That's approximately a 17% incidence in patients at risk of cardiovascular disease. Extraordinarily high.

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I know someone who was taking statins for heart problems and then died later on of liver cancer. Bad stuff - research it before you take it. Doctors perscribe it in fear that if they don't they can be sued since it is FDA approved.

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No offense, It's debatable and some people won't agree but Statin doesn't seem to increase survival in women, the elderly, healthy people and even for long term users. Instead a full spectrum of quality nutritional supplements along with healthy diet and exercise, to help obtain and maintain optimal health and arterial health is the best. Hence lifestyle changes are the most important factor for a healthy heart and the key is the application of preventive medicine.

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