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Heat index warnings can save lives on hot days − if people understand what they mean

By Micki Olson

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Florida's Govenor has removed from laws measures that protect workers in heat affected areas, AND removed references to global warming/climate change in all legislation.

Another forward thinking Republican.

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There are millions of poorer people who don’t have the means to deal with excessive heat waves and temperatures of 45-55°C like in India and Pakistan with thousands hospitalised suffering from heat stroke.

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Story could have these 3 paragraphs only.Did I get any new info?hardly NOT.

The focus of the article is about getting proper information about the risk of the heat, most people can't simply spend the whole season indoors and for some presenting symptoms is already too late and serious complications are to be expected. For those people a clear understanding of the different types of heat indexes mean they can properly decide when and how to protect themselves and when the risk is not so high and they can be active outside with relative safety. Even if an expert already knows every single detail about the different ways to assess the risk from heat that would not make the article useless, after all most people would get a lot of value from a clear explanation such as the one included.

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In the three farming "I"s, (Iowa, Illinois, and Indiana) we know all about it. We don't even check the temperature and go straight to "feels like" because we know that humidity governs what we do or don't do. Like wind chill factor, heat index is the potential killer. And it gets plenty hot with humidity in the summer. And it's getting worse.

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