High-intensity workout injuries spawn cottage industry


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Yep, high intensity and timed high volume with heavy weights will do a 40 something in very, very quickly. Form goes out the door in a jiffy and here you are, injured for the next few months... Low volume very high intensity works for me now as I am closing on to 50. I leave the other stuff to you get folks!

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Everyone wants to be some kind of tough guy (or girl), some kind of "beast."

I agree with @PeaceWarrior. Admit your age, deal with your limitations and chillax. All of this fake bravado is so comical.

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<-- 56 here. I've been doing the P90X-side of the house for over a month now at a P90X/Crossfit gym after decades of doing a sloth impersonation. The trainers always have accommodations for exercises that are too difficult for your present shape. The key is to pay attention to what your body is telling you. 30 sit-ups into this morning's sit-up routine, my abs cramped. So I stopped. If it hurts, STOP doing that for this workout. It sounds simple, but some people treat stopping as an ego bruise. I'll take a bruised ego over tendinitis (or worse) any day.

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