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High levels of sunscreen ingredients end up in the bloodstream: study

By Manas Mishra

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The Sun doesn't cause cancer, the chemicals in sunscreen do.

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I'd like to know why so many Japanese sunscreen products contain alcohol ! Some absolutely reek of it !!!

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The Sun doesn't cause cancer, the chemicals in sunscreen do.

Then how is it that people who don't use any sunscreen at all get skin cancer?

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A bit of sun exposure is healthy.

Avobenzone, oxybenzone, octocrylene, and ecamsule don't look like chemicals that we should have in our bloodstream.

Perhaps we should find other ways to avoid excessive sun exposure.

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I assume the same could be said for many things applied topically.

I don't even want to imagine what insect repellents might do.

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4 times a day to most of the body over 4 day? Why is this surprising?

I guess lifeguards might need to do this, but even they usually stay under a parasol most of the time.

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slow news day...

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The other problem is the "oil slick" one leaves behind in the ocean when boarding or snorkeling.

On a recent dive trip to Hawaii, all the boat crew were using a beeswax based organic sunscreen.

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