HIV-positive 'elite controllers' offer clues for cure


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It is a very interesting discovery, even if it will be difficult to translate the finding into something readily useful. Every small bit of new understanding we have can lead to profound changes in how we deal with the disease, in 5 years this may not be important at all, or it may be the base for a very successful treatment.

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Many people are saying that HIV was a hoax, and what was killing many of the patients was the previous AZT treatment.

And they are irrational zealots, numbers means nothing when they repeat easy to prove false lies. Seeing the mortality of patients before and after treatment was developed is enough to prove that patients without any antivirals died without fail very quickly, and that the more the antivirals were improved this caused them to last longer, until now where being infected no longer means dying from the disease.

I mean, there are (unfortunately) sill many people that say that microbes don't exist and infectious are caused by bad winds, that the planet is flat, vaccines are poison or that the life in the planet began suddenly a few thousands years ago for every creature at the same time. They can repeat these lies as much as they want, as long as science can definitely prove them wrong there is no need to pretend they make sense.

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Many people are saying that HIV was a hoax, and what was killing many of the patients was the previous AZT treatment.

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But.....But. ..... How many tests? Why so few tests?...... :)

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With the development of new generation quantum computers, the nano technology that we have heard of today will gain momentum and entirely revolutionise the future after 2040. By 2050 there will be no need for medicines and vaccines. T-robots and our own T-cells will kill any foreign agent that tries to invade a human body. After 2070 most deaths will be caused by human errors, old age, wars, conflicts, natural disasters, climate change, food and water shortages.

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