How fetal cells from the 1970s power medical innovation today

By Ivan Couronne

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So the abortions pushed by Gates' dad decades ago are now making his son richer.

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So the abortions pushed by Gates' dad decades ago are now making his son richer.

Not at all, its unrelated completely and even if they ware it would be the opposite result, Bill gates is not getting richer by investing in vaccines, that is a mistake from people that think "investment" can only mean personal economic gain.

On the topic, new cell lines development is something gaining a lot of momentum now, this is precisely because the usual cells have become a gold standard and the banks that produce and maintain the cell lines charge a big premium for any kind of commercial use. Any researcher that want to publish a scientific report still have to pay to get the cells, but if a good medical product is found and it makes sense to spend the money, time and effort to do clinical trials and use it commercially now they have to pay an extra commercial fee for each dose. That would mean that even if the research is done in Japan by a Japanese scientist and put sold later by a Japanese company a big chunk of the money would still need to go to the occidental owners of the cell line.

That is why many national governments and institutes are now trying to develop their own cells and test them exhaustively so they can become their own standards.

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