How health-boosting crops could benefit 1 billion people


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using conventional plant-breeding techniques


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Are these GMO or not? I don't think Monsanto will allow this to continue.

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Are these GMO or not? I don't think Monsanto will allow this to continue.

They are modified genetically, but in the "natural" way using breeding, never mind that the results are much more unpredictable and that the risk of unintended hidden characteristics appearing is higher (it has happened all the human story) still people will accept them better than a much more limited and controlled modification, mostly because most people are not interested in evaluating the real risks, just listen to their irrational fears.

And that belief on Monsanto being an all powerful, all reaching company that controls every single kind of advancement in food is typical of the irrational conspirationist crowd. In reality a lot of people all over the world are working in "Biofortification" using many kinds of techniques (GMO and non-GMO) so there is nothing a single company could do to stop it.

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