How to avoid food-borne illness

By Ruth S. MacDonald

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Personally, I don't eat those bentos sitting at room temperature anywhere.

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Food in very hot weather needs serious precautions. We use a large three drawer fridge to ensure correct cooling for foods. Even keep vegetables in the cooling drawer. Washing boards and knives after cutting raw meats and fish. Use alcohol sprays to wipe working surfaces. Use ice to bring home meats, fish and cooked food. Whatever leftovers are eaten for lunch the next day.

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Have you ever watched the YT videos of Dianxi and Li Ziqi ? They always use same chopping board and just one cleaver to cut both meat and vegetables. Infact, it is how it is being used in Chinese culture and average life expectancy of Chinese is 77.

If you follow the stricy rules like that in the kitchen, you will have some kind of phobia.

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One needs germs and bacteria along with virus material to stay healthy. Antibiotics are the main reason why you get food poisoning because after you kill all the wonderful healthy bacteria in your gut works, you are vulnerable to getting sick.

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Food poisoning is a serious problem. Had it once, almost killed me but people die from it including young children. Keeping a hygienic kitchen and using proper cooking methods is not being paranoia nor is it killing all the healthy bacteria in our mouths and guts.

Foods needed to be correctly reheated, especially meats like chicken and pork. Meats also need proper temperature cooking. I use a meat thermometer for that.

If you are happy to have a dirty kitchen that's up to you. It's your gut.

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The chopping board issue is easily solved. You prepare all your vegetables first and do the meat last. Then whilst everything is cooking thoroughly wash the chopping board and knives with hot soapy water and store them away for use next time.

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There’s a livestream I sometimes watch from “somewhere in Japan”. It’s a bento place. The boxes sit on a table, and when the workers bring out more they just put them on top of the ones that have been sitting there unsold. Does Japan even have regulations about this sort of thing?

My wife got a gastro last time we were in Japan. We had a few very tense days with that, really unpleasant.

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