How to clean the bundle of germs that is your phone


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Thank you! This is most helpful.

The soap step is the best option. A week ago I learned from a doctor's video that the C-19 virus has an oily coating. Vigorous hand washing--especially under finger nails which we already know are more contaminated (ew!) than toilet seats--and scrubbing hard surfaces with soap BREAKS that oil barrier which KILLS the virus.

If more people understood that they could be better warriors against its spread. All we are ever told is handwashing without the WHY handwashing. SPREAD the word, folks.

I still see people in washrooms regularly using the dip, flink and wipe on a soiled cloth method of personal hygiene. Those hands then potentially touch every other thing that anyone else handles--knobs, merchandise, cutlery set out on table trays, the trays sets are served on, money the list is endless.

When you or I touch things we then bring these viruses home to our light switches and everything else the touch. Scrub up folks. Scrub up like OR doctors.

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Very informative article. Thank you

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For the time being I put my iPhone into a waterproof case which can easily be washed with water and soap and then dried.

After cleaning the phone wash your hands.

I also use gloves with a finger missing to use the phone.

Last week I disinfectant the whole house including all the surfaces, door handles and switches.

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I've been wiping down my phone with alcohol for years. Just get a standard alcohol spray, fold a tissue into a quarter of its size to stop it from disintegrating, then spray a bit on it and wipe it. If you need to dry it, just fold the wet side together so it's inside and use the dry outside.

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