How to make eating healthy easier? The answer may be on the tip of your tongue

By Michael Precker, American Heart Association News

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Okay, then. But I'm not giving up on umami for anyone. Not for health, weight, or appearances. I won't give up on sour or bitter, either. Well, then, no need to give up salty or sweet. Oh. Health. If I can't eat what I like, what good is health going to do me.

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I knew this already. It's even in everyday vocabulary: "Acquiring the taste"

Also an excellent prog rock album.

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No, the answer is don't eat rubbish. Learn to cook, it's not hard.

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fast foods lead to a fast life, and thus an early death.

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No, the answer is don't eat rubbish. Learn to cook, it's not hard.

Yet this simple but unhelpful advice has been available since forever and many countries still have a problem with obesity rates, that means it is that hard for a lot of people.

The point of the article is to disseminate knowledge that can make these life changes less difficult for people.

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