Ibuprofen does not worsen COVID symptoms: study


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This has been "know" for months already in medical circles, but it is still much better to have solid evidence to back recommendations from the practitioners in the field, it is not the same thing to give something to a patient saying that it has not been reported to be dangerous than to give it and be able to say it has been found safe to use.

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I've heard a while back some doctors saying you should avoid taking NSAIDs to alleviate vaccination side-effects as they might dampen the immune response. But I don't know if that recommendation is still valid today...

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The article sounded good, until the various escape clauses at the end of the article. Personally I find ibuprofen quite effective, for relief of both pain and inflammation, but like zichi above I am aware of the dangers and keep doses to the absolute minimum necessary.

(A good friend used them too often in large doses and they no longer work to suppress her pain.)

So, good news, I think.

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Japan should probably do their own tests just to make sure the golden children of Amaterasu are not affected differently.

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It is shameful how last year doctors using Ibuprofen, specially those who weren't convinced by the idea that was pushed at the moment that Ibuprofen somehow made things worse, since in the field it was pretty obvious it wasn't making things worse, were demonized, with what has become the usual hysteric rhetoric on these times of getting labeled as "anti-science" and "not caring" if people die.

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Just more confusion to ask "WHO, and WHAT to believe and not to believe!

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