If you do not snooze you lose: Sleep seen as essential for the brain

By Will Dunham

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If you do not snooze you lose: Seep seen as essential for the brain

It does wonders for the rain.

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Seep seen as essential for the brain

Certainly. Got to have your beauty seep!

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No sleep and your energy seeps away.....?

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Hint: scatter paperclips under your desk and take a nap there; if anyone unexpectedly enters, you can pretend to be collecting them.

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Prefer sleep to s¥x. Getting old.

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Trump and Obama are both "short-sleepers" who get only 4-5 hours of sleep per night. I'd like to know whether they are suffering from chronic neural repair deficits or whether they are simply freaks of nature.

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they should post this article on every desk, cubicle and bulletin board of every company and school. People need more time sleeping and less time on social media and doing pointless things at work.

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