In a haze of disinfectant, China struggles with invisible enemy

By Vivian Lin and Matthew Walsh

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This is party cadre throwing punches at the air, swinging their fists wildly hoping they hit something. They really have no idea what they are doing but they have to be seen by party leadership in Beijing as "doing something".

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The party leaders say: spray everywhere. Would the doctors and scientists there say: no?

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Your arguments make no sense, use false data, and pluck numbers from your "mind".

The sources are there for anybody to see and confirm, there is no point in calling fake something that can be so easily checked.

It would be great if instead we would have valid comments from medical professionals.

Once again, reducing yourself to guess what other people are or not clearly demonstrate you no longer have an argument to make.

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Amazes me to still read that disinfectant isn't one of the most stupid ideas, like buying rolls of toilet paper.

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While much of the Western world is abandoning mask mandates while their covid related death and infection rates go up, China is using their zero covid strategy and seeing their numbers go down.

As the US experienced its 1 millionth covid related death recently, China has seen less than 10,000 deaths, with almost 4 times the population.

While New Zealand, and Australia, both of which copied China's elimination strategy at first, and had extremely low infection numbers, their infection rates skyrocketed after easing restrictions and now have some of the highest infection rates in the world.

So, maybe China spraying disinfectant does not reduce much the risk of infection, but it does not increase the risk.

Statistically speaking, you have a lower risk of becoming infected with Covid by walking the streets of Shanghai than you would by walking into a restaurant in Sydney.

Is there evidence that shows abandoning mask mandates reduces the risk of covid infections? If so, which country?

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All the illusion of doing something.

It's fake, like most things in China.

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It is very rare that something is so clearly said, but China's way of dealing with the virus seems stuck in January 2020 and refuses to acknowledge the many different scientific advances that clearly demonstrate it is doing things in a way that is unsustainable and counterproductive.

The zero covid policy was doomed to fail as it is doing right now the moment variants with a much increased transmissibility appeared. Adding further worthless measures such as the indiscriminate disinfectant spraying mentioned in the article do nothing to improve things and instead just increase the risk for the population involved.

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