In quiet debut, Alzheimer's drug finds questions, skepticism


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Curious about the cost?

According to a CNBC article last June, Biogen said it is charging $56,000 for an annual course of the new treatment.

When asked to explain the cost, Biogen executives told a financial analyst that the total price figure for the new treatment is "substantiated" by the value it is expected to bring to patients, caregivers and society. They insisted the price is "responsible," noting the disease costs the U.S. billions each year.

"Biogen has faced some criticism from Wall Street analysts and advocacy groups who questioned how the company could justify the price, especially as medical experts continue to debate whether there's enough evidence that the drug actually works and the industry faces criticism over drug prices."

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One more item. This one from earlier this month.

Biogen reported its new Alzheimer's drug, Aduhelm, brought in just $300,000 in revenue during the third quarter—falling far below the forecasted $12 million in sales for the drug's first full period of availability. Same article says that health insurers will likely remain hesitant to cover the drug until a National Coverage Determination (NCD) analysis is completed next year.

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Raw Beer:

I looked up the keto diet angle, not expecting much really. But yes, very interesting. As someone who’s seen two family members go under to dementia, any glimmer of hope is a good thing. So thanks, because I wasn’t aware of that previously.

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My pleasure!

I guess you came across videos of Dr. Mary Newport, on how she treated her husband and on the resistance she witnessed from the medical community...

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As for Aduhelm's effectiveness, company data shows that plaque removal “is reasonably likely to predict a clinical benefit,”

I had the impression that the evidence for clinical benefit was very low, that plaque accumulation was not the cause of the disease. Just like one would notice a correlation between firetrucks and fires, but getting rid of firetrucks will not help reduce fires....

Anyone with early symptoms should at least try following a ketogenic diet and perhaps even consume exogenous ketone esters. There is some evidence for its effectiveness.

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Anyone with an ailing parent or cognitive problems might try Tumeric and black


In my opinion, effective and cheap.

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