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Death by diet: the race to transform the world's bad food habits

By Thin Lei Win

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Go keto. Save yourselves. Many of the foods we eat are poisonous. Obesity, depression, autism, atopy, cancer., adhd...We are what we eat. Living in rural Japan I feel like I still have a fighting chance. Become a health otaku. Do the research. Stay away from carbs and sugars as much as possible. Try it for a month and see.

Check out The Magic Pill documentary if you have Netflix.

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It sounds like we are fiddling while Rome burns.

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Go keto.

Or just eat healthy. The keto diet has it's good points, but it's not the magic bullet for everybody that people want to think it is.

The key is to just be conscious about, and deliberate with, what you eat. For some people, that will be the keto diet. But it can be just as effectively, and just as easily, something else.

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Feeding the "ten billion", is the least of our worries, maybe food should be the constraint rather than CO2 emissions

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It is difficult to keep to a fancy diet. When I finish work usually after 9pm, I mostly eat hamburgers, onigiri or Yoshinoya. I wish I had time to prepare healthy foods. I confess that Im a fat man. It is getting harder to eat healthy, therefore most of the world is becoming overweight or obese. Problem of the rich.

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Everything is good in moderation, even rice can kill...

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