Climate risks to health set to worsen inequity, harm children

By Laurie Goering

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The Climate Change crowd just calls you a denier because you're skeptical.

The correct word is skeptic, not denier.

Denier is perfectly valid to use when the "skeptic" only argument is to not believe the scientific consensus based on shoddy pseudoscience already debunked.

Real skepticism is based on good data, but for climate change at this point it only means differing on some of the details.

If your position is based on every scientific institution that deals with climate being wrong and a few crooks without valid data being right then you are a science denier, not an skeptic.

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Besides hiking dangers from deadly heat and spreading diseases, climate change will fuel a rise in basic health problems - from diarrhea to poor nutrition - that will affect the poor most and likely widen global inequalities, she said.

If we cannot change the social and economic factors affecting poverty and inequality that are within the scope of political will, how on earth will we be able to tackle problems like climate and the environment?

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I would like to see the scientific proof that if humans decrease their C02 emissions substantially, then global temperatures will lower, natural disasters will lessen, and world will be at peace with the climate. Historically, the CO2 levels have been much higher than they are today and humans were not around burning fossil fuels.

I am not against protecting the environment, but not sure why the emphasis is on the global warming aspect and not focused on the pollution (air quality, toxic chemical, sewage, garbage) that has been proven to be immediately harmful to humans.

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