Japan study looks to big data for signs of Alzheimer's


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Researchers in Japan will trawl through huge amounts of data to search for possible precursors to Alzheimer's Disease in a bid to identify who might develop a condition affecting millions around the world.

The same people likely to develop Type 2 diabetes will also likely develop Alzheimer's Disease.

Suzanne de la Monte, a neuropathologist at Brown University, has been working on these phenomena in humans and rats. When she blocked the path of insulin to rats' brains, their neurons deteriorated, they became physically disoriented and their brains showed all the signs of Alzheimer's. The fact that Alzheimer's can be associated with low levels of insulin in the brain is the reason why increasing numbers of researchers have taken to calling it Type 3 diabetes, or diabetes of the brain.

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yes that also means if you have type 1 or 2 you're probably not getting 3. Which implies the ridding of Alzheimer's in society means also getting rid of diabetes

With the sudden influx of diabetes in Japan I wonder if it's diet related. That would represent more specific test criteria for comparison

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