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Japanese healing helps to destress Bolivia's coronavirus workers

By Monica Machicao

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Reiki is just a demonstrated scam, it has no effect apart from placebo so it has no value over it either. Anybody pretending to do it has the same effect on the patient as a "professional" with decades of supposed study.

It is most infortunate that people that actually work to treat patients can fall for this, the very obvious purpose is to gain some kind of recognition and legitimacy so later they can use it to recruit more patients, anybody that values having health interventions with proven efficacy should never let these people use them for this purpose.

Meditation, yoga, talking with a trained therapist, etc. etc. are all perfectly valid things that will reduce the stress of dealing with patients of a lethal infectious disease, but with the huge advantage of not giving false legitimacy to something that simply has not intrinsic value.

It is sad that the media is also fooled into helping popularize this way of profiting from placebos, not even a hint of the very strong criticism that this "technique" is subjected from people that dedicate themselves to see if things actually work first, before letting patients lose their time, money and health to trying them.

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@virusrex Yea, unfortunately there are plenty of people who believe things without scientific evidence; Reiki, blue street lights, homeopathy, acupuncture, gargling, anti-vax, religion, TCM, Kampo, the list goes on...

Magical thinking is at the very root of our global problems.

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