Keep a journal, don't skip meals to shed weight

By Patricia Reaney

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Stop eating carbs for dinner and rice or pasta or bread. Working well for me! Also, Takanohana, the great sumo rikishi, dropped his extra poundage by not eating rice at all, and he is looking extremely buff these days.

Uh, I don't keep a food journal. Too much work. But I do keep a mental count of what I am ingesting, and that seems to work well. Good luck everyone!

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Tofu. Tofu is the key, along with grapefruit juice. Eat plenty of tofu. In summer, cold with some oroshishoga/grated ginger or grated myoga and a little soy sauce is great.

Drink grapefruit juice if you can't get good fresh grapefruits at a reasonable price, which is most of the time. Oh yeah, and get some exercise, and don't eat after 9pm unless you work the graveyard shift.

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i use an app to keep track of my calorie intake. but sometimes, logging in seems to stressful esp when i overeat!

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No starving here and Calorie counting don't work as there are many hidden ones. Use a very balanced diet(little red meat), salad for lunch is enough(beware the dressings = calorie bombs).

Lost 21kg while my 2 month hospital stay and dropped another 3 in the 3 weeks since I am out. Feels good and nearly back to my optimal weight.

Eat enough to provide the energy intake for the next 2-3hrs depending on activity. In short consume what the body needs and can take in during that time-period, we know where the excess goes.

Eating a menchi-katsu bento when you are sitting at the PC for the next few hours = bad.

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