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Ketamine pill treats depression without psychedelic effects: study

By Daniel Lawler and Julien Dury

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"U.S. billionaire Elon Musk told CNN in March that he regularly uses a small amount of prescribed ketamine because it is 'helpful for getting one out of the negative frame of mind'."

Just a helpful little reminder that money won't solve all your problems.

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Just a helpful little reminder that money won't solve all your problems.

Assertions are not the same as facts.

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Elon... I feel your pain

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Every week there is a new treatment for depression.

The "serotonin theory ", so often behind a plethora of new drugs has been largely discredited.

Pity, because the drugs prescribed {Paxil etc } have a terrible "discontinuation profile "

Cure worse than the disease.

Not sure about Special K...might help with suicidal ideation and has to be better than Electro Convulsive Therapy {ECT...unsure if still used in 2024.}

Yep...depression is a mongrel of a disease...unsure if chemicals or electricity will provide a cure.

Maybe it's just the makeup of personality for some people.

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