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Lifestyle diseases kill 16 mil prematurely


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I love salt, and my blood pressure is healthy. Why would I not eat it?

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All in moderation

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Salt is fine, if it is healthy salt, like Himalayan Sea Salt that does not raise your cholesterol nor make you acidic. We just need to realize that a lot of the food we think is ok, is actually not, like processed meat has a lot of chemicals that are bad for you and make you sick. Just be smart in your choices of food! LOVE

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Lifestyle choices is about decisions you make everyday that can influence your overall health and longevity. You make the choices you do because of learned habits, stress, exhaustion, and timeliness. Generally to live a healthy lifestyle you need to have a nutrient-rich diet, moderate exercise each week, get enough rest and avoid products that can lead to unhealthy habits. Making wise choices to embody a healthy lifestyle will lead to a longer, happier life with decreased risk of chronic illness. Get your doctor to help you to change any unhealthy choices so you can get on the right path to make healthy choices.

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They are talking about .23 percent of a hard to define effect on quality of life or life expectancy. In statistical terms, this is somewhere between the 5 and 6 Sigma level on a distribution curve which makes it really hard to justify. These people want to take us to Bloomberg's or Deblasio's NYC where a soft drink over 16oz (500ml) is verboten and a ban on insulated take-out containers is being contemplated.

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Genetics meets habits=length of life. Barring so called "accidents".

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