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Light jogging best for a long life


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I heard that brisk walk also good for our health. I am wondering which is better light jogging or brisk walk. If someone knows, let us know the consequences.

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Light jogging is better, as it will increase your heart rate, leading to weight loss, and a stronger heart.

*Disclaimer - I'm not a doctor. Just a long-time gym-goer.

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Jogging is great, but for some people, especially those who are getting on in years, it can put too much stress on joints. For them, low impact exercise like walking, biking and swimming is best

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And if you search the net you'll find research supporting rigourous jogging for long term health. My own family is full of sprinters, rugby players, & other high intensity sports people who have all lived to quite an old age & are in great health. What they did was beyond rigourous jogging.

Personally, as a Rugby player, I prefer sprints to jogging. But that's me. The issue people have with rigourous exercise is they don't consult their doctor. They have no idea what their base level fitness is before starting a program & they start doing high intensity exercise without easing themselves into it - I reckon this is when wear & tear damage occurs. Going from zero to 100 is not good.

@risamamachan. They're both good. They both raise heart rate & burn calories but light jog will do both in less time than the brisk walk. Brisk walk has the advantage of being less stressful for joints. If a person is overweight they'd be better starting with brisk walk, if a person is leaner/lighter then jogging is suitable. If I wasn't playing sport though & I just needed one general activity to keep fit I'd pick Swimming - no joint stress & an all body work out.

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“If your goal is to decrease risk of death and improve life expectancy, jogging a few times a week at a moderate pace is a good strategy,”

Not smoking helps too.

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And not being made to breathe in other people's cigarette smoke helps too!

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I actually prefer a 35-40 minute brisk walk over jogging.

Here's the problem with jogging: unless you get the right running shoe (which is a real hit and miss due to different manufacturer designs), you can actually hurt everything from your lower back to your toes from the physical stress of jogging. With walking, the physical stress on your lower body is way lower, and the type of shoe used is not so critical.

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This article makes me feel bad. I have not done any light walking since I arrived in Japan. I need to get back to my routine. I used to do at least 45 minutes walking a day.

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"Individual's perception of pace" could vary widely.

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