Long-awaited diet pill gets U.S. approval


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Its plain and simple. A diet pill is not a magic bullet and does more harm than good. There is no substitute for eating a balanced diet, low fat, high in complex carbohydrates and getting aerobic exercise daily.

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yes exactly--the people who take these pills are just lazy to consider doing the right approach to losing weight. One thing is certain and it will require one to either eat less or exercise more to lose the calories from eating. Also there are unique characteristics of each person and some people just put on more weight as they absorb more water than normal people.

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Obesity has little to do with laziness, and often not even with diet. There are many medical and psychological reasons why someone may be obese. You can't just say diet and exercise. That won't work for many of those people. You have to deal with the issues that caused the obesity. The most common cause of obesity, at least in the US, is abuse. But as I say, there are many other reasons, from thyroid problems to an out of control appetite when the patient feels they're starving, no matter how much they eat. As for my opinions - A. I was a psychologist B.- I recently lost 120 pounds in the last three years, and I'm in my 6os and unable to exercise C.- I was an abused kid So I'm not really just spouting crap with nothing behind it. Before I could lose that weight, I had to deal with my personal issues. But a diet drug that actually worked would have helped a LOT.

It's not that obese people don't want to lose weight. The sane ones do. It's totally miserable being obese, no matter how good the mask we wear to cover that up. It's that the vast majority of obese people can't do it on their own.

And don't believe anyone, ever, that's crazy enough to say that being fat is just fine and you can be fat and healthy. It isn't and you can't. Stay obese and you will suffer the physical issues that obesity causes. There's no escape no matter how much you lie to yourself.

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@bonestructure, how'd you lose the 120?

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Obesity has little to do with laziness, and often not even with diet.

Ridiculous. Fat is created when a person ingests more calories than their body can process. The excess calories are stored as fat for use later. While there may be various reasons that a person may be ingesting too many calories, such as stress or a slow metabolism, the fact is that it is directly related to what and how much a person is eating. In order to process more calories, they need to eat less calories and/or burn off more calories - aka diet and exercise. Or, the third option is to not store the additional calories as fat, which is where science could come into play.

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I recently stumbled upon an article about a guy called Mike Waudby. Google that name to read about a morbidly obese person who got off his lazy backside and actually did some exercise.

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