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Long work hours linked to alcohol abuse: study


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Both working and drinking alcohol are unhealthy, everybody should stop it.

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I never abuse my alcohol, I treat it very well.

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Try telling that to English teachers and Japanese salarymen

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Who would have thought about that?:) Just ask me and my coworkers, we are the living proof of the result in that study

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As the old saying goes - Work is the curse of the drinking man

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My assumption is that long hours of work creates stress therefore people drink to relieve it. If the consumption of alcohol is strictly to feel good or to avoid feeling bad then you might have a drinking problem. Some experts believe that a strong connection exist between alcoholics and workaholics which can often lead to a hopeless lifestyle. Hence find out why you overwork and focus on some solutions and "work to live not live to work." Of course, it's easier said than done but with Japan's killer work ethic. I wonder.

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than those for individuals who were not employed

Because they have no money

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