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Low-carb diet linked to elevated mortality risk: study

By Thomas Samson

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That's odd, since low-carb diets didn't come on the scene until the 2000s.

Well, the Atkins diet and such came around in the 2000s, but some people would have already been eating low-carb diets on their own before that, just because of the foods they chose. I believe they are not referring to a 'lets lose weight' diet, but rather 'this is the food one is eating' diet.

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".... between 1987 and 1989..." 

That's odd, since low-carb diets didn't come on the scene until the 2000s.

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blue zones in the world Venn diagram of foods (including Okinawa) show beans are linking to lowest mortality just for contrast. Vegan FTW

If you have questions about the food you're eating, try

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Enjoy your life! Eat what you want. Wasting time counting calories, fat, etc. It raises your stress level worrying what you ate or didn’t do right. Eat the lard, animal fat, butter, etc. My and loves those foods.

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Everything in food seems to have a phase where something is unhealthy until all of a sudden it's not so bad for you again. Before sugars were awful, then eggs, then fats, then carbs. Just eat a balanced diet and watch your calorie intake and you'll be more or less fine!

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Well considering I like pasta and pizza, I will take this as good news.

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