Major change in U.S. food labels likely to help healthiest the most

By Lisa Baertlein and Chris Prentice

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Good good good. Now, if they could stop using processed sugar altogether that would be fantastic, but first things first -- awareness.

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This country needs to learn a lot from Japanese. People are getting heavier and unhealthier. There are too many junk food restaurants serving surgary drinks and fat rich foods. Just for an exaaple, a big Breakfast at McDonald (pancakes, sausage, one egg, hashbrown) has about 950 calories at beginning of the day. 1 glass of orange juice has 30% of sugar in it. Yikes.

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Do you know who the people at the FDA are?? Food company executives! The lunatics are in charge of the asylum! NEVER believe ANYTHING the FDA says. They serve the interests of the corporations ONLY!

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warning labels on public advertisements for sugary beverages.

BEWARE : SUGARY BEWERAGE. If they wanted a change, they'd drop the ads.

Grocery Manufacturers Association,....said that consumers could be confused by the changes and would need education.

Let me guess. The candy makers are proposing to sponsor the education campaign ? Or will the soda corporation get that market ?

There are too many junk food restaurants serving surgary drinks and fat rich foods.

There are too many people patronizing them.

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Ya can lead people to the water, but ya can't make them drink it

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