Major study debunks myth that moderate drinking can be healthy

By Kate Kelland

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This is bad news for the alcohol drinks industry.

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Soon there will be study debunking that study and then another debunking that one and so on... Butter, no margarine, no butter. A study said aspirin helps protect against heart attacks...until another study says it doesn't. The list continues.

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So... people in Japan, China, and Korea drink a lot, and are longer lived than those in places where people only drink a little. People in Okinawa have one of the highest life expectancies, and are not known for their avoidance of alcohol. so what’s that about?

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Yeah, wait for tomorrow's study. It'll say the exact opposite.

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I need a drink after reading that article.

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If you want to live to 100 plus like I do, avoid all alcohol, smoking and junk food. Don't eat much meat. Eat mostly vegetables. Its not rocket science.

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Also UV if you want eyesight and good skin at one hundred.

Also not too much salt.

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Ganbare, it isn’t that you will live so long, it will just seem that way!

What they have not taken in to account (as far as is explained in the article) is the undefined effects of the genetic variation in people’s who do not have the intolerance to alcohol.

Soyes this study is flawed at its outset.

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There is a study to say anything is good and another to say anything is bad. Live your life how you see fit, then you only have yourself to blame.

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Everything kills you.

Die in a way that you can live with and alls good. Only one life.

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If you want to live to 100 plus like I do, avoid all alcohol, smoking and junk food.

I plan to live forever. So far so good.

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"@ SerranoApr.

This is bad news for the alcohol drinks industry."

Nothing to worry, alcohol industry will publish new research result which will show the benefit if each shots.

It's a magic business and we are the victim of business.

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It's not rocket science. Led a debauched life and still here going on nearly three score and ten. Did give up on the smoking but the wine, women and song is still there.

Never drink to drunk.

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Major study debunks myth that moderate drinking can be healthy

Says nothing about extended binge drinking though fortunately.

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So they grouped the people by their genetic background, and found that people that have known enzymatic deficiency with an important effect on daily metabolism had an increase in risk of disease. Now, how did they prove that the increased risk is not related to the defective enzyme?

It reads as if they did a study on fenilcetonurics against normal people and found out that the amino acid phenylalanine is bad for the health.

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