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Marijuana use holds threefold blood pressure death risk: study

By Kate Kelland

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One of the only health concerning articles about cannabis that comes to Japan and its all lies.

When will we see a positive article about the benefits of cannabis and how its endogenous to the human body. If you still don't get it, look up the endocannabinoide system and read about the cannabinoid receptors inside the human body. Teach yourself and learn how cannabis helps improve your immune system from the inside out compared to pharmaceutical medications that push your symptoms away without actually curing anything.

The reason for hypertension heart illness can stem from a 1000 other factors in daily life than light cannabis usage, something the article doesn't talk about and sounds like wasn't researched, very vague!

The most and basic main cause of hypertension is simply the over consumption of animals fats, processes meat (unfortunately thats 90% of all meat not he market now), tobacco usage and bad exercise habits. Then there is more research and evidence linking pharmaceutical medications to hypertension than natural substances like cannabis.

Its just sad for me see how other countries are opening up the full benefits to cannabis and how its the oldest used medicine world wide yet, here we still have people brainwashed not researching fully and continuing to push lies that are easy to believe by the masses given the heavy stigmatism cannabis still holds. Its obvious there are countries like Japan that are still trying to heavily control rather than educate and enlighten its people.

Wake up, research and study for yourself!!

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People + Marijuana = high blood pressure? Yer all those highly stressed stoners..... Only thing could be eating too much junk when you have the munchies, legalize it!

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Moderation in everything i guess

The only real reason goverments in the Western world are suddenly deciding to Legalize and regulate MJ is that they can smell all the money they can extract(read Steal) from the public by it to fix their budgets. Honestly why can't someone grow their own dope or tobacco to use. Reason is the Government (Mafia) will lose income. It has NOTHING to do with our welfare and never did.

Time to wake up Wombles ! It has N

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The medical benefits of the plant are manifold. Sufferers of epilepsy, glaucoma, MS, chemo treatment side effects...

Read Lester Grinspoon's Marihuana: The Forbidden Medicine. Absolutely fascinating.

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Marijuana use holds threefold blood pressure death risk

I doubt it maan. I mean, um, you know, like. Its totally cool with me man. You know. It does great things. Things you've never seeen maan. I ah, I feel like I wanna rest a little now. You know. excuse me maan...

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It's a very cobbled together 'study' on specifically smoking dope. Not eating or even vaping. So pretty non-conclusive. Smells less like weed and more like a trumped up bad PR story.

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I agree it should be used for medical purposes - not smoked, but using an infusion via a mask. As for its recreational use... as long as stoners smoke their weed in a sealed off room where only they can breathe in the noxious, sickly smoke, fine. Anyone that relies on it to calm down needs therapy.

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There is a significant variable (purposefully?) ignored here. People who use Marijuana often do so as self-medication to relieve our greatest modern mortality hazard: Stress. Stress may be the single greatest cause of hypertension in the general effects it has on anatomy and physiology in all animals studied including the primate Human. Unless they have 'controlled' for this profoundly confounding variable, they are the member of the group of 'blindmen' who has ended up examining the rear end of the elephant.

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What some adult does with their body is none of my business provided they do not harm anyone else, without the other person's permission.

Of course, factual data about the good and the bad should be provided using double-blind studies NOT FUNDED by someone/company with a direct relationship to the tested substance.

Let's use science properly.

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