MDs warn teens: Don't take the cinnamon challenge


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I think that it's not just the cinnamon challenge that people need to be careful about. There are a LOT of things shown on youtube in which people need to think, "is this really a good idea?"

I think youtube is great, but along with a lot of great stuff, is a lot that is ...well, not so great.

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Tried powdered nutmeg with a friend in high school; it was a legal "high", apparently, along with ground morning glory seeds. We were unconscious for about three hours and dazed and nauseous for three days. Some "high"!

Happy days....

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Stupid kids these days.

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So many silly things on the 'net.

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This is too stupid.

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Stupid kids these days.

Guess you were never a kid then

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“thought it would be cool” to try.

If she thinks that's cool, wait until she gets to college, and all the "cool" things she'll be able to get up to then. Her dad will be so proud.....


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Kids! What's the matter with kids today?

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America should ban Cinnamon, or at least implement back ground checks to determine who can legally own Cinnamon. What!? That goes against the Bill of Rights? Oh forget it then.. at least they got it right and banned Kinder Surprises, those deadly delicious treats

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