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Medical technologies have been central to U.S. pandemic response – but social behaviors matter just as much

By Eyal Oren

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So many words to say those in poverty are not as healthy as those with more economic prosperity. Thanks Doc.

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Last week in my hometown there were arena shows by the band Genesis and a few days by the Yuppie Kings of Monotone - James Taylor and Jackson Browne. Both times, if the shows weren't sold-out they were pretty darn close to it, and there was no social distancing, masks or anything enforced. Now in my homestate we have had over 20000 new CoVid-19 cases today.

And there were home Christmas parties out the yinyang, churches were filled and bars and clubs were filled up.

People thruout America just ain't using their heads. And there's all those Infowars whackjobs and such dishing out the lies. Some of them are getting the virus now, some have died.

It's tragic.

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USA population aren't very health conscious.

Sanitation is still an issue.

Racial discrimination is still an issue.

Antibiotics are everywhere .

Movies and social media and drugs and guns have many people bamboozled and hypnotized.

The cost of freedom is priceless and the American dream more like a nightmare.

USA has too many many problems !

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