Medical tourism booms in Asia


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Tummy tuck operation...ffs.

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The medical tourism business might be a boom but deaths and adverse reaction to an injection or treatment happens in the very best hospital overseas. Although it can be simply age or illness unrelated to the operation. So you need to consider whether or not a private or public hospital or clinic has the onsite facilities to provide emergency care when needed, whether the need is unexpected or it could have been avoided. The fact is some patients may be put at risks from inadequate equipment, lack of intensive care beds, unsafe staffing arrangements and poor medical record keeping. The bottom line is to make sure the consent form you sign details not only the risks inherent in the procedures offered but also any that stems from the facilities, equipment or staffing of the hospital.

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Medical tourism for even basic medicine is growing in the U.S. as well due to the over-inflated high costs of U.S. medicine. Americans go to other countries for treatment which is often better than they would receive at home.

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