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Mediterranean diet boosts good bacteria, curbs harmful ones

By Marlowe HOOD

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Looks delicious and sounds plausible. Over the years we have adopted more and more elements of such a diet, my elder daughter particularly who has been a vegetarian since birth, but I have to admit to sometimes (often) giving in to tempting stuff that I was familiar with as a child.

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Enjoyed the Mediterranean Diet when I was in Italy and the South of France. Greek yogurt with a creamy texture.

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I've essentially been on the Mediterranean diet for 15 years now. Keep your meals colorful, and make them from scratch. Meats, vegetables, cheeses, oils, fruits and dairy. Nothing processed.

I occasionally have a McDonalds burger or whatever, and I enjoy it, but I feel slow afterwards, whereas with my regular meals I feel fast.

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Raw foods, or salads and fruits are always part of the Mediterranean diet.

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