Mental health in the workplace, saved by bots and apps?

By Chris Taylor

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Of course, it would help if the mental health industry had any idea about the human mind and its workings. But they don't. They are clueless.


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Bring in a nurse or doctor who will act like a professional as they’re supposed to be and not report it to the company. Maybe this is a too tall order for companies since they’re footing the bill.

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Color me skeptic on this, but if it can demonstrate it helps I am all for it. Still, it feels sad that so many people prefer to talk to a bot about their personal issues instead of another person that is supposed to be there to help.

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And how healthy and useful that is... lol If you are stressed or overworked and take a little nap after lunch, the app will waken you up every 5 minutes AI-controlled , then, if you are getting angry and want to get rid of it and try to flee the office in panic , the bot will remind you not to forget the phone with that app and follow you also AI-controlled wherever you flee to and try to be at a silent space. You can only jump from the roof then, because the bot has of course sensors not to follow in this case. lol

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