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Millions live with low back pain, but addressing risk factors like smoking, obesity and ergonomics could curb trend

By Jaimie Steinmetz

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I stopped getting it after reclining my office chair back to almost maximum, lifting weights, doing planks and bridges floor exercises, and playing tennis or hiking once a week. Everyone's different, but that works for me.

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Carrying around twenty kgs of lard for several years will give you back pain. Doctors need to be more vocal pointing this out.

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I cured myself by ignoring everything my company told me about ergonomics and just staying comfortable throughout the day. Reclined seat with feet on a stool…. Switch to cross-legged at my desk… move location with laptop actually on lap. Work from iPad… everything but the standard recommendations.

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I've been using a stand-up desk for the past few years and it helps a lot.

I also have the option of sitting in a tall chair if I get tired of standing and working.

Doing a combination of the two seems to work best.

I also stretch my back when I wake up in the morning.

Lower back pain isn't inevitable.

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Lower back pain is a "chronic" medical issue that can often be successfully self-managed.

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Check out this muscle and use a tennis ball. Amazing results if you do it daily.

The Quadratus Lumborum (QL) is the deepest back muscle and originates from the iliac crest and inserts on the transverse process of lumbar one through five and the lower part of the twelfth rib . The QL muscle is flattened and has a quadrangular shape.

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