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Mindfulness therapy as good as medication for chronic depression


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Depression is a chasm. Meditation is the railing surrounding the abyss.

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I can testify from personal experience that this method does not work for everyone. For those like myself you can spiral into a heavy depression with little or no warning, and when this happens there are no coping skills that can help you - all you can do is try and ride it out not unlike a small ship in a big storm. And, if you have never been there, you really cannot understand it

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There are wide ranging types of depression so no one treatment cures all cases of depression. Some cases are passing, others chronic, and clinical. Some types of depression can be managed with psychological counseling, while other require drugs to cure them. Still others require a combination of psychological and neurological treatment. If your depression elevates to more critical levels, procedures such as electroconvulsive therapy, vagus nerve stimulation, deep brain stimulation and transcranial magnetic stimulation sometimes become treatment options.

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http://www.heartmath.com/ (for the heart)

https://emotiv.com/ (eeg)

Very common with the Brain Hackers movement right now.

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