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Mindfulness works as well for anxiety as drugs, study shows


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Even with all the inevitable problems with this kind of studies (like being impossible to blind the patients about the meditation) this is good news, one extra weapon that now have better evidence of efficacy and hopefully more likely to be included in health insurance because of it.

For some patients it would be still more convenient to use drugs, for others meditation will be a good replacement of them and for those that still have problems while in treatment maybe a combination of both will help them more than their current method.

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Mindfulness, CBT, etc all have a good place, but there is a downside and that is, it’s note a cure, it also requires a lot of time and effort, and many patients say it can be exhausting doing all these mental exercises. The idea of mindfulness has been around for decades and is another psychiatry tool, that’s become the latest fad.20 years ago in college you couldn’t move without CBT being the next wonder treatment. Not to mention the breathing exercises, and focus on that. They all help, for a little while.Shorma Morita knew about this in the 1930s about focusing on the here and now and didn’t agree with Freud. One kept point he brings up is, accept your feelings, don’t fight it, which is so western, and to do what you need to do. The west have ignored this man for decades, so they can focus on the cure. Now it says we need to accept them.Maybe he was onto something, spending thousands on counseling, years in talking therapy going over the “past” again and again meaning the patient hasn’t accepted their past, feelings, looking for a cure, or some kind of eraser, and are still living in the last. Some patients become attached to talking therapies. I’d you’ve been doing it for 20 years, has it really been helping you when your missing today or tomorooy.

talking therapy has its place, as does CBT, etc. But Morita also showed the occupational therapy was just as effective for his patients too.

the problem with these articles is, they over inflate the effects and efficacy of one particular treatment. They don’t work for every patient.

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Discovered Mindfulness 50 years ago and in the beginning, I was taught by Buddhist monks from Sri Lanka. It cost me nothing. After about two years I was able to go on alone. I didn't have any mental problems.

"mindfulness program that includes 2 1/2 hours of classes weekly and 45 minutes of daily practice at home."

That is not too time-consuming. People spend that much time in gyms.

"which can run $300 to $500 for an 8-week session."

That is too expensive. $500 for 8 hours in a group session.

LSD worked too.

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I do about twenty to thirty minutes a day of breathing slowly, deeply and focusing on the present when I wake up in the morning. It's free. It works.

Focus on your in-breath. Focus on your out-breath and smile. Enjoy the sunrise and the view outside your window and everything you have.

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Instead of ruminating over the troubling thought, “you say, ‘I’m having this thought, let that go for now,’’’ .. Yeah, that easy! Sure.

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I was a selected subject for a desensitization experiment using mindfulness methods. There were six other subjects in this trial. After the eight-week trial, I was the only subject reporting no benefit.

So, overall, the method showed a significant beneficial effect, yes?

I'm not sure. The method required prolonged sessions with the experimenters. I wondered if other subjects might report a beneficial effect because of the experimenter's expectations.

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I was a selected subject for a desensitization experiment using mindfulness methods.

Really? What kind of methods did you use in your mindfulness?

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Instead of ruminating over the troubling thought, “you say, ‘I’m having this thought, let that go for now,’’’ .. Yeah, that easy! Sure.

It's both "that" easy, and not easy at all. Mindfulness is a strength, built just like lifting weights. The more you do it, the easier it gets, and it eventually does become as easy as you say above. But initially it's near impossible

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Confronting your demon,work even better

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You don't need a demon to benefit from practicing mindfulness.

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LSD is illegal in Japan.

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