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More kids have autism; better diagnosis may be the reason


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Something's going on. 50 years ago, Autism was extremely rare and still is in most countries.

Yeah, something is going on:

experts think it can be largely explained by better diagnosing of minority children.

This isn't natural nor normal for a species.

What are you basing that on?

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What is autism? Well, roughly speaking it is an over activation of cytokines which acts like an immune defence system on the blood brain barrier. One section may be overly activated in one area, leaving another area less active; thus you have some cases where an autistic person will be a mathematical genius but can't verbal communicate effectively. Autism also takes on traits of people who suffer from heavy metal poisoning, such as aluminum, mercury, etc.

Now the elephant in the room. The additional metallic preservatives in vaccines since at least 1999. Now it is recommended in Japan that a baby receives 27 vaccines before the age of 1. According to infection rates provided by the WHO, a baby in Japan will have less than 0.1% of catching any one of those diseases. All of the sickness are non-life threatening, but some have around 5-10% chance of becoming serious, of this group only another 5-10% will be permanently affected. In other words, you have a much higher percent of a chance to get your baby killed in a car accident. Now lets look at the research of long term, small heavy metal particle build up and affects on humans. Oh wait, there is none.

All ailments have a cause. Nothing appears magically from nowhere. Polio, for example was a direct result from poor sanitation and lack of sewage disposal, which there was only 41 cases in the entire world in 2016.  So, ailments come from genetics or environment. If you have a child, they develop some kind of ailment that isn't found in you or your partners DNA, it will be because of the environment.

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Autism also takes on traits of people who suffer from heavy metal poisoning, such as aluminum, mercury, etc.

I totally disagree with you. Vaccines are brilliant and have helped mankind.

Now let's look at the research of long term, small heavy metal particle build up and effects on humans. Oh wait, there is none. Huh? Facts please.

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Autism also takes on traits of people who suffer from heavy metal poisoning, such as aluminum, mercury, etc.”

Autism is is marked by developmental delays....no smiling by 6 months, avoidance of eye contact, no spontaneous babbling by a year, etc. It bears no resemblance to mercury poisoning.

Neither Sweden nor Japan has ever used thimerosal in their MMR injections, and the autism rates are the same as countries that used it. It hasn’t been in any childhood injections since 1992, btw, in any country...it was removed in ‘92, so you can’t blame present autism rates on something that hasn’t been in the shots in 26 years.

Recent research points to several causes, such as many more people in their 40s and 50s having children than in generations past, and one drug used in IVF is coming under suspicion as a cause of autism.

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@stocktrader = i agree there is and has been very little publicly available studies on the effects of either Aluminium or Mercury accumulation via vaccines on kids/adults. In addition there is/has been very little publicly available studies on the effects on the immune system from vaccines made from cocktails of viruses either.

Why not ? if the manufacturers had nothing to hide results wise then why not provide them ?

Whilst we don't know for certain that vaccines could cause autism there is no evidence that they don't either. Surely it deserves more investigation. Maybe though there is too much money at stake ?

@ Haruka = some vaccines have been good i agree but not always. How come the HPV vaccine was banned in Japan ? It was a disaster is why ! As it was in Sth America. And it still is mandated on secondary school girls in most Western countries even now. Why ?

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" A recent study closely examined another possible cause of autism disorders – fertility therapies – to determine whether or not expecting parents should avoid them in the face of the risks. The study examined women of all ages, and age proved to be a factor in the results. In women under the age of 35, fertility therapy, including ovulation inducing drugs and artificial insemination, did not increase the risk for having a child with autism. However, in women over the age of the 35, both methods of fertility increased the risk for autism. Artificial insemination was significantly associated with autistic children in the older women, and fertility drugs were also related, but not as pointedly so. "

"Autism spectrum disorders (ASD) are developmental conditions characterized by restrictive, repetitive behaviors and deficits in communication and social interaction. Though genetic factors are known to be involved in the etiology of ASD, research demonstrates that environmental factors play a crucial role as well [1,2]. For example, congenital rubella [3], or maternal use of thalidomide [4] or valproic acid [5] during pregnancy can lead to autistic behaviors in the offspring, and many pre- or perinatal maternal factors, including obstetric complications and gestational diabetes, have been associated with ASD [6,7]."

Only two studies, but as you can see, there are several conditions already thought to be linked to autism. There is a tremendous amount of research being done into autism.

The Wakefield autism study (which started the whole brouhaha, with Jenny McCarthy, Jim Carrey and John Travolta all jumping on the bandwagon, along with a whole slew of mommy bloggers) was a study on 12 children, and based on parental interviews, not charts. Word of mouth and the impressions of parents, perhaps subconsciously wanting to deny a genetic cause or some fault of their own, is not a basis for forming a conclusion and trying to change public policy. He relied on parental recall for his data, and twisted the data to back up his hypothesis, that the MMR caused autism, and the new MMR injection and a new colitis test he was developing (ahem...) would solve the problem. When a reporter actually pulled the charts of the 12 children, 5 had low APGAR scores, muscle tone deficits and other problems at birth that point to autism, as well as delayed development...3 never had autism....Wakefield either didn't look, or ignored the birth data, but most of these children were documented as having developmental problems from birth, and didn't present overnight, the day or days after an MMR.

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