More than 4 in 5 pregnancy-related deaths are preventable in U.S.

By Rachel Diamond

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This topic was already covered in the health section recently, but it is nice to have a commentary so complete by Dr Diamond. As explained the US is descending very rapidly into developing world territory in the care it gives to mothers and babies health. This is a reflection of the deep problems in how the health care in general, with pregnancy just being a specially sensitive part that makes the problem just more evident.

The complications brought by the pandemic and abortion laws is bound to make this problem even more important so it is worrying what will be reported the next time the CDC publish new data.

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This is much deeper than government funded medical care, there are fundamental cultural and economic issues at hand here. The care given to individuals is still first world, reading the article shows that the individual behavior is third world.

If one doesn't come back to get checked, hard for the medical establishment to work the problem. If mothers to be are taking illegal drugs and worried about getting arrested or God forbid, having someone assess if their baby will need to be taken from them, is not the medical establishment, it is the individual.

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This is a lot of words simply to say that pregnant and young mothers should get a better support (financially with a proper maternity/parental leave, from their partners/families and from society with affordable daycare).

Then, their mental health would obviously get better.

As usual with scholars, a lot of blabla without any concrete actions or solutions.

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The whole US health care system is an absolute mess

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American health care is rather interesting. It is the country that spends the most on health but has fewer better outcomes in treatment compared to other countries. The US also really wishes to get into the doctors office, and the patients bedroom. It wishes to decide when or if a women is allowed to seek an abortion, which shouldn't have anything to do with a politician since they no nothing about the true issues as hand. Some women who could be saved, have died because of the crazy abortion laws ( passed by politicians) so doctors are too scared to act, in the best interests of the patients incase they end up in court. There are maternity coverage issues where certain areas are not catered for. I believe the maternity death rate in black people in certain areas is higher than certain predominantly wealthier white areas in the certain states. So community care outreach is poor. Next the income disparity also contributes to this, if you have to pay for certain things, but can't afford to take time off work or can't get to certain areas because of a lack of transport, then a patient may delay seeking help. Post natal care needs to be improved so the staff are also observing for postnatal depression, and while rare psychosis. It wouldn't be a bad idea if parents were entitled to some maternity leave/pay, and it might also be a good idea to get your head out of the American boarder, and have a look at other health care systems in the world, because the US seems to have the worst of all. Apart from showing off some new fancy tech or treatment than no body can really afford, and the insurance companies says, " we have share holders to serve", not you. Care denied! Sadly you're better off dead or cheaper off dead in the US, because the profits are much more important than your health.

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Generally healthcare is very good for those who can afford it.

40 million can’t.

80% are preventable deaths needs urgent action.

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Come on, we're talking about a country where you can go bankrupt if you get sick. We're not talking about an advanced country which cares about its people. War is more important.

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The U.S. does not care about it people unless they are rich. In a country like this it is best to never have children.

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