Most pregnancy-related deaths in U.S. are avoidable: CDC


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It is a very sad situation that a developed country have this kind of numbers, it is true that completely eliminating pregnancy related deaths is not a goal that can be achieved realistically, but having 80% of the deaths as preventable with reasonable measures is not something that the US should have, some countries with less available resources (like Chile) have lower rates of maternal deaths, which makes the US situation unjustifiable. Even Japan, with its multiple problems in public health (and specially mental health) has recognized the importance of preventing maternal deaths and it is taking great efforts to prevent this problem.

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A warped and byzantine medical system to prey on patients. No excuse for this disgrace.

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Leading cause drug overdose and suicides. Mental health, culture, economics all entwined in those figures.

As an aside why is this study not coming from the NIH vs the agency set up to eradicate malaria in the South. CDC needs to refocus.

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Many of the mental health related problems could perhaps be mitigated somewhat by removing the financial burden of childbirth. Make prenatal, delivery and postnatal care free at point of use.

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